20120929-Beitou SheMe House-拾米屋




拾米屋-高馡咖啡+米花小姐甜點=台北市北投區大同街153號,TEL: 02-2892-2800,Email: sheme@sheme.tw




It seems to be an old saying in France, that a fine wine is like the lifeblood in the vein of a human soul. Comparing to that, a fine coffee is more like the essence of manna that touches a human soul and turn it into life in my opinion! I keep a habit of drinking a good coffee when doing some tough theory deduction and inference after the engagement with my thesis from the graduation school. With the accompany and help of the manna, all the hard working in mind turns to be a worthwhile experience thereafter in the long run.

I do like a fine coffee, and I got one today with a delicious apple pine in Taipei near New Beitou MRT station.

Here is the official website of the coffee shop: http://www.sheme.tw

The shop is redecorated from an old and obsolescent granary, so the space to the roof is more sufficient than average, keep people feel unrestrained and comfortable when they’re enjoying their drinks with the sun permeating warmly into the house.